St. Ursula Center Sold to the Bayport-Blue Point Library

10, June, 2019Posted by :Hope Motreuil

It is with great faith and gratitude that we announce that St. Ursula Center, our home for 83 years, was sold to the Bayport-Blue Point Library in February, 2019. Education was the predominant ministry of our Sisters for so many years, and this new library will be carrying our ministry forward.

St. Ursula Center, located on 8.3 acres on the south shore of Long Island, was our home since 1935 as a novitiate, retreat center, and more recently, a retirement home. The original building was lost to fire in 1980, and the current building opened in 1983. In June 2015, our Sisters agreed that the property needed to be sold, due to the rising costs of operating and maintaining the center, as well as needing to fund the increasing healthcare costs of our elderly Sisters. It was a difficult decision, but after consulting with our financial advisors, we realized we had little choice but to sell. The property was put on the market in January 2017.

After an initial buyer did not work out, St. Ursula Center went back on the market, and in October 2018 we entered into contract with the Bayport – Blue Point Library. Residents voted to approve the bond necessary for the purchase on December 6, 2018, and the closing took place on February 11, 2019. We still retain use of our cemetery on the property. In preparation for the sale, the Sisters who resided at the center moved into apartments, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We hosted an “open house” at St. Ursula Center for the Sisters, as well as friends, family and neighbors to bid farewell to the place where they’ve attended many events over the years. We also organized a huge estate sale to clear out the furnishings.

While the sale of St. Ursula Center resolved the financial burden of operation and maintenance of the center, we can’t help but be saddened knowing it will no longer be our home. Proceeds of the sale paid off debt obligations due to accrued operation costs, but we still face significant financial hardship, as we struggle to pay for eldercare and basic living needs for our aging Sisters. We are moving forward with faith and trust in God for our unfolding future.

Reading Room
This architectural rendering shows that the stained glass windows will stay, as the chapel is converted to a reading room.
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