Second Sunday of Lent Reflection

27, February, 2021Posted by :Andrea Morale

By Sister Catherine Talia, OSU

February 28, 2021

Today’s readings bring us in touch with transformation– the transformation of Abraham and the transformation of Jesus.  You might say that Abraham was already transformed—he had said yes to a covenant with God.  But this was a bigger “yes”.  In his listening to God call his name, Abraham’s eager response of “Here I am Lord” demanded of him an acceptance of the mandate of God to sacrifice his son, Isaac.   Indeed, a difficult request! Abraham trusted enough to obey and the result was a double blessing, the life of his son and countless blest descendants.

In the transfiguration Gospel, the apostles are dazzled and want to remain on the mountain with Jesus, Moses and Elijah but instead were advised to listen to the beloved son.  They wanted to remain but had to go on to something greater even though it would be more difficult before they got to the final end, resurrection.

We have all lived through a transformative year.  A year ago perhaps we were content with ourselves and wanted life to go on as it was.  COVID 19 said “no,” and we had no choice but to change or to die.  Hopefully, the change was for good in our values and in our perception of the world.  This Lent is our opportunity to reflect on our transformation.  As Catholics we are already transformed by our Baptism.  Lent gives us an opportunity to look again into the crevices of our lives to see where we can be better.  Perhaps we can be kinder, more attentive to others or whatever else our personal transformation calls us to.   Let’s hope that on Easter Sunday we also will be resurrected to our new life.    

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