Sr. Margaret (Sr. Raphael) McKenna
September 16, 1913 – January 11, 2005

Sr. Margaret McKenna was born in Glasgow, Scotland and entered the congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk when she arrived in the United States at the age of 17. For the first few years of her religious life she served as a cook at the Nativity BVM convent and teaching Religious Education in Ozone Park and at Our Lady of the Snow in Blue Point before beginning her ministry of teaching. For the next 43 years Sr. Raymond taught at Our Lady of Grace, St. William the Abbot, and Nativity BVM before she began teaching at Holy Family High School. Sr. Margaret remained at Holy Family High School (and then St. Anthony’s High School) for the next 24 years where she taught math before retiring at the age of 77.  Her retirement was spent at Blue Point where she continued her ministry of prayer and caring for the sick. When she passed away at that age of 91 she had been an Ursuline Sister of Tildonk for 75 years.

We remember Sr. Raymond with gratitude and love.