Mother Stanislaus (Adele) Taymans
1854 – May 28, 1948

Mother Stanislaus was born in Belgium and entered the Ursuline Congregation at the Belgium Mother House in Tildonk in 1873. She was one of the founding members of both the Canadian and US Provinces, and as Superior in the United States she established the foundations of Nativity BVM, Our Lady of Grace, and Blue Point. Even though she was 74 years old when her US ministry began, she continued to serve for another 24 years before her death. Mother Stanislaus is remembered for her remarkable leadership, management, and spirituality.
Mother Stanislaus and fellow foundress of the US Province Mother Madeline passed away within two weeks of each other in 1948, leaving behind a flourishing community and a legacy of having been a living personification of the Ursuline motto: “God’s glory alone.”
We remember Mother Stanislaus with gratitude and love.