Sr. Mary Lou Tressy is an Ursuline Sister living in an area where economic extremes are present. We join with her in expressing our solidarity with those experiencing racial injustice, and for those experiencing violence, and we pray for an end to violence in our world. We pray for justice, peace, and healing for all in our world.

“As a Sister living in an area where the economic extremes are present, I am using Social Media to support the efforts of those whose voices are often not heard. I live where poverty, unemployment and the Corona virus abound,” Sr. Mary Lou commented. “For the past eight years after I retired I have worked with the core group of Our Lady of Grace food pantry. Due to the virus I am presently unable to assist them or bring needed food to my place of residence here in Far Rockaway.”

She added, “If unable to contribute food supplies I am doing my best to show support to our people as they try to bring needed attention to the injustices they have endured for decades.”

On June 2, 2020 there was a peaceful march where Sr. Mary Lou lives in in Far Rockaway that went from the center of town to the park here on Beach 17th Street. Being a member of a Facebook group called “Friends of Rockaway”, she wanted to inform all of the peninsula of the message that was being displayed here on the East end.

As of June 4th Sr. Mary Lou has received 140 positive responses to the message below that was posted in the group. Several stated they were glad to see what good people could do.