Sr. Catherine Talia currently serves as the liaison for our Sisters residing at Maria Regina Residence, a skilled nursing facility in Brentwood, NY. For the past two years she has been steadily providing emotional care and support to the Sisters with the utmost kindness and dedication. Sr. Catherine consistently visits the Sisters, and if there is an emergency she is swiftly at her Sister’s side.

At this moment, we have four Sisters living at Maria Regina due to their need for skilled nursing care, which we can no longer provide after the sale of St. Ursula Center. “It’s a difficult transition for them, but they do the best they can,” said Sr. Catherine. “They’ve given their lives in service to the children whom they have taught, and now they need the assistance of other people to support them, not just economically, but also emotionally and spiritually.” And yet, the Sisters at Maria Regina continue to give, by their presence, and their ministry of prayer.

Sr. Catherine encourages friends and family members to visit the Sisters whenever they can. Sr. Ursula Leibold, who taught countless first-grade students, was very uplifted when Sr. Catherine recently visited her with a staff member’s young child. She remarked on how Sr. Ursula’s spirits were so lifted by meeting the child, who joked and sang with her. Sr. Catherine said, “It made me realize how important children still are to her.” When Sr. Ursula was asked about Sr. Catherine being a good friend to her, she said, “Oh, she’s fantastic! I can’t do without her!”

During that same visit, Sr. Mary Grace Hodnett recalled what a kind person Sr. Catherine has always been. Sr. Mary Grace was Sr. Catherine’s second-grade teacher at Nativity B.V.M. Ozone Park. On her way to attend an orchestra concert in the chapel, Sr. Mary Grace said of Sr. Catherine, “She was a kind, sweet child in second grade, and she is kind and helpful to us here now, encouraging us to participate in programs offered here.”

Sr. Teresita Catalano, who was Sr. Catherine’s sixth-grade teacher, also resides at Maria Regina. Sr. Catherine said that Sr. Teresita taught her the values of “kindness, generosity, and an appreciation of music.” Sr. Teresita said that Sr. Catherine has been a blessing to her and all the Sisters at Maria Regina.

Sr. Catherine has a profound love for God that is expressed in her service to her Sisters. Sr. Catherine said, “All of the Ursuline Sisters who taught me inspired me to become an Ursuline Sister.” She added, “Being an Ursuline Sister has widened my viewpoint from Ozone Park to a global society, and it’s made me grateful overall. This has been a blessing in my life.”

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Sr. Catherine Talia (right) visits with Sr. Ursula Leibold, who taught countless first-grade students (left).