Easter Blessings

11, April, 2020Posted by :Andrea Morale

The Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk, U.S. Province wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter, especially at this difficult time in our country and our world. 

Easter Sunday , John: 20, 1-20

By Sr. Margaret Golub, OSU

When I offered to do the Easter reflection I said that I would do it after my cataract operations.  I realized that so many of the Easter readings had to do with seeing and believing. 

Then the coronavirus came along and it was hard to think about Easter.  When  praying about the “signs of the times” and stories from the bible, the lives of the saints,  the plagues  and pandemics and problems through history I realized that this is all part of the Passion, Death and Resurrection story that is being lived out today.

The Bible is filled with stories of real people with real problems .These people  can help us and inspire us today.

Let us take Mary Magdalene for example.  She was a faithful friend and follower of Jesus. On that Easter morning she went to the tomb.    When she saw the tomb was empty she went running to tell the others.  If she were living today she would have pulled out her smart phone and notified the disciples immediately.

Just imagine their astonishment when Mary Magdalene came with the news that the tomb was empty. It is no wonder that Peter and John went hurrying to the tomb to see for themselves.   They had been disappointed and confused,   the story was not supposed to end like this.

Mary Magdalene  went back to the tomb.  She wept bitterly  because she did not know where Jesus was.  She questioned a man whom  she thought was the gardener  if he knew where they had taken Jesus.   When the man called her name she recognized him as Jesus.  So too, our faith comes in stages and we see and believe gradually as our faith deepens.

The  story was not over,  Jesus appeared to others.

The story continues with the Ascension narration  and in the Acts of the Apostles.

The story is not over ,  it continues today where the life, death and resurrection story is being lived out.

If you look around you  will see Jesus carrying His cross today in the poor, the lonely,  the homeless, those suffering from the coronavirus.  

We see the passion and death of Jesus  being lived out in the world today, we also see the Resurrection in kindness, mercy, joy, understanding and forgiveness. We must never forget  the story is still continuing today and the best part of the story  is that Jesus is alive!  Let us not forget that we are Easter people and spread the good news of faith and hope today.

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